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Trash for Teaching T4T

Sometimes you never know where you might find your inspiration. When it comes to working with your kids and STE(A)M foundations, new ideas can be found as close as the garbage can. Well maybe not that gross but at least as close as our household recycle bin. Tissue paper tubes, shipping packages, and other study materials are plentiful in modern first world society but sometimes storing up quantity for a bigger project takes time. That is when community resources shine.

My motivating neighbor took me on an adventure up the 110 freeway to this green jewel of supplies: Trash for Teaching. This warehouse is wonderful. The goals at T4T align right where I am learning to focus. Trash for teaching is not trash but a center supplied with materials just waiting to be brought to life with youthful innovation. They “provide environmental awareness though education.”1 This place refreshingly looks at materials without obsolescence. A resource that helps reinforce the theme to reduce, reuse, and recycle brings with it a mindset that will benefit the future. If you are a teacher in Long Beach and would like to build a partnership with me and Trash for Teaching then please reach out on my contact page.