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Lovin the Joomla!

A couple of years ago I came across Joomlatools and was excited to improve my workflow. It was an impressive setup; one that I had little idea of how to use many of the tools. Recently I had upgraded my virtualbox and vagrant apps and it all went haywire. Joomla! has been the community that teased me into the world wide web and though I have not done recent client work with it I always find myself coming back to play around and check things out. Unfortunately other priorities took over from deciphering all the errors I was receiving and I put it on the back burner. A month and a half later I got a wild hair to try again. After updating some issues with out of date PPAs and general Ubuntu maintenance I rid myself of some apt update errors but I still had this stinking problem with updating the guest additions. When I was trying to upgrade it from within the box the distribution’s version was more crusty than it was trusty. Man I really thought I mussed it all up but then thanks to @GabLeRoux it was all cleared up by running sudo /mnt/ This drove me crazy because I kept thinking I would find my guest addition iso in /media/cdrom/.

Now that the Joomlatools box is running again I am ready to play. The first thing I do is refresh my memory by running box list from within the virtual machine ( or through the easy wetty link from the dashboard ) and am ready to switch different php versions.